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[Image: The Colosseum]

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Welcome to the Archaeology Committee's Webpages

The Archaeology Committee aims to promote the study of Rome and the Roman Empire through its exceptional archaeological remains. The Committee fosters collaboration between archaeologists and historians, and we encourage closer links between the UK and the international community. The Committee is keen to increase awareness of Antiquity among young people too, particularly schoolchildren who otherwise might not experience the many wonders of Roman archaeology.

Established to co-ordinate a national archaeology conference on the Society’s behalf, the Archaeology Committee co-organised the first Roman Archaeology Conference (RAC) at the University of Reading in 1994. The biennial Roman Archaeology Conference is now an important and popular event on the academic calendar, and in 2009 RAC successfully migrated to the University of Michigan, its first destination outside the UK.  RAC (and TRAC) was held in Frankfurt Am Main in March-April 2012, in Reading in 2014, and Rome in 2016, hosted by La Sapienza, in collaboration with the British School of Rome. There is now a dedicated website for RAC: www.romansocietyrac.ac.uk.

The remit of the Archaeology Committee has grown beyond organising RAC and today we advise the Society’s Council on all aspects of Roman archaeology. Recently, we have been responsible for digitising the Society's slide collection (IMAGO) and we also introduced an e-newsletter, Epistula. You will find further information on the Archaeology Committee and its initiatives, as well as links to other societies dealing with the Roman period, on the left-hand column of this page.