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Sensory Experience in Rome’s Northern Provinces


Saturday 6 October, 2018, 10am – 6pm

Woburn Suite (Room G22/26), Senate House, University of London

Confirmed keynote speakers: Patty Baker (University of Kent) Andrew Gardner (University College London)

The senses were functionally significant to all aspects of Roman life and played a central role in private and public events, from religious ceremonies to gladiatorial fights. While the sense of sight has dominated archaeological practice and theory for decades, scholars are now starting to address the ancient sensorium as a whole. This workshop will focus on the sensory implications of archaeological material from the Roman North (including modern France, western Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Britain), from their earliest interactions with Roman civilisation to Late Antiquity. National and international scholars will discuss the sensory impact that the influx of external material culture, behaviours, urbanism, and populations had on indigenous communities in the northern provinces, presenting their material in a sensorially engaging and un-traditional way.

Queries to the organisers: Thomas Derrick and Giacomo Savani - sensoryexpRNP(at)gmail.com

Tickets for the event, including morning and afternoon refreshments, and a hot buffet lunch, cost £14 (Roman Society members / Students / Unwaged); £17 (full price). Please return your form to the Roman Society, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU.

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The People of Roman Britain at Home and Abroad

Saturday 17 November, 2018

Clore Centre, BP Theatre, British Museum


This Symposium is aimed at looking at the general population of Roman Britain.  New archaeological research, notably covering rural settlements and burials, will shed light on the lives of millions of people who lived across the province, often people who are largely overlooked in general literature about the province.  There will also be a consideration of the evidence for Britons working and living elsewhere in the Roman Empire, reminding us that Britannia was truly an integrated province of the Empire.


13.30-13.40  Introduction

13.45-14.30  Dr Tom Brindle (Cotswold Archaeology) ‘The Great Unwashed – Common People in Roman Britain'

14.30-15.15  Dr Hella Eckardt (Reading University) ‘Mobility in Roman Britain – archaeological evidence and current debates’

15.15-15.45  Tea

15.45-16.30  Dr John Pearce (King’s College, London) 'Becoming Roman in death? Funerary monuments and rituals in Britannia'

16.30-17.15  Dr Tatiana Ivleva (Newcastle and Leiden Universities) ‘Britons abroad: The untold story of emigration and object mobility from Roman Britain’

17.15             Summing Up

Tickets for the event, including afternoon refreshments, cost £20. Bookings are being taken now, and tickets will be sent out in October. Please return your form to the Roman Society, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU.

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