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Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies


RAC & TRAC 2016


© Steven Cockings

RAC XII and TRAC 26 were hosted by La Sapienza in collaboration with the British School at Rome, Wednesday 16 - Saturday 19 March, 2016.

The Conference, with nearly 50 sessions, 600 delegates from 17 countries, and representatives of 23 UK universities and nine UK museums and archaeological organisations, was a genuinely international occasion and the largest RAC ever held.


The Opening Ceremony

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The Conference was opened by Eugenio Gaudio (Magnifico Rettore, Sapienza Università di Roma), Stefano Asperti (Preside della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Sapienza Università di Roma), Christopher Smith (Director of the British School at Rome) and Catharine Edwards (President, Roman Society).

Presentation of the BA Dissertation Prize

© Claire Millington

The President, Catharine Edwards, presented BA dissertation prize to Alasdair Gilmour (Exeter University) for his thesis on: Authority and Influence in Late Iron Age Inscribed Kentish Coinage.

Sessions were held in the Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia.

The two plenary lectures were given by Fausto Zevi and Professor Simon Keay.

© Steven Cockings
© Steven Cockings

Excursion to Portus

The concluding excursion to Portus itself was led by Simon Keay and Stephen Kay with representatives from the Soprintendenza Speciale per il Colosseo, il MNR e l'Area Archeologia di Roma and the École française de Rome.

© Steven Cockings
© Steven Cockings
© Steven Cockings