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[Image: The Colosseum]

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies


1910-2010 Centenary Celebrations Archive

The Roman Society celebrated its centenary in 2010 with a full programme of events (including conferences, lectures, museum visits and a trip to Rome), the launch of two projects (the digitisation of the Society's slide collection and a new Roman World website for schools) and the award of dissertation prizes and museum bursaries.

The Society was also delighted to be associated with many of the events to mark the AD410 anniversary, including the conference AD410 Debating the End, hosted by the British Museum and a number of regional Roman Archaeology Conferences in different parts of the country.

The events were organised by a Centenary Committee

  • Mr G.E.A. Kentfield (Chair)
  • Dr V. Arena
  • Dr A Burnett
  • Dr F.K. Haarer
  • Mrs E. Matthews
  • Dr S. Moorhead

A number of others also helped to co-ordinate events, and we especially would like to thank:

  • Professor B.C. Burnham
  • Dr K. Gilliver
  • Dr L.H.C. Grig
  • Dr P. Guest
  • Mr S.C. Hunt