[Image: Roman Temple]
[Image: The Colosseum]

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies



Programmes, abstracts and vidcasts are available for the conferences below

Greek & Roman Sculpture Day, London

June 2017 - Sculptural Display: ancient and modern

Greek & Roman Armour Day, London

July 2015 - Greek & Roman Armour

Caerwent Day School

June 2015 - Recent Research at Venta Silurum

Beau Street Hoard Symposium, Bath

April 2014 - Beau Street Hoard Symposium, The Roman Baths, Bath

Biennial Roman Britain Day Conferences

November 2017 - Retrospect & Prospect: 50 Years of Britannia - conference

November 2015 - Talking to the Gods: new research from Roman Britain

November 2013 - Assessing the Contribution of Commercial Archaeology to the Study of Romano-British Towns

Conferences in collaboration with the Yorkshire Archaeological Society (Roman Antiquities Section)

October 2016 - Romans and Natives in Central Britain

October 2015 - Rural Settlement in Roman Yorkshire

October 2014 - With Malton Museum: Romans in Ryedale and Beyond 

November 2013 - Celebrating 150 Years of Roman Yorkshire

Conferences in collaboration with the Association for Roman Archaeology, at the British Museum

November 2017 - Trajan

November 2016 - Roman Empire Off Limits

November 2015 - Recent Archaeology in Roman Britain

November 2014 - Augustus, the First Emperor

November 2013 - Health & Medicine in the Roman World

November 2012 - AD312 Constantine and the Battle of the Milvian Bridge

November 2011 - Septimius Severus

Triennial Conference

July 2011 - A Celebration of Classics (University of Cambridge)