[Image: Roman Temple]
[Image: The Colosseum]

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies


Empire Off Limits

Saturday 5 November

BP Lecture Theatre, British Museum

A conference hosted with the Association for Roman Archaeology

The conference explored the archaeology of countries where sites have been damaged or destroyed, and where fieldwork is not currently possible. The experiences of Gertrude Bell remind us that the political and archaeological issues in these areas are hardly new.


1.30-1.45      Introduction 

1.45-2.30      Dr Robert Bewley (EAMENA): Endangered Roman Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa

2.30-3.15      Dr Philip Kenrick (University of Oxford): Roman (and therefore European) heritage in Libya: what is at stake and what can be done?

3.15-3.45      Tea

3.45-4.30      Professor Kevin Butcher (University of Warwick): Civil war and its aftermath: Lebanon and Syria.

4.30-5.15      Dr Mark Jackson (Newcastle University): It isn't merely a responsibility to the 'Iraq but to archaeology in general’; Gertrude Bell then and now

 5.15-5.30     Closing remarks