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Greek & Roman Armour Day

Greek and Roman Armour Day

Hosted by the Hellenic and Roman Societies

Monday 20 July, 2015

Beveridge Hall, Senate House, London

Illustrated presentations by six world experts of their researches into how effective ancient armour was in practice. Issues include production, wearability, enemy weapons and tactics, and changes and developments.

There is also an exhibition in the Combined Classics Library of ten original paintings by Peter Connolly of Greek and Roman arms and warfare.

Vidcasts of all the lectures are available here.

9.30  Classics Library and Connolly exhibition open (until 6pm)

10.30   Doors to Beveridge Hall open

11.00   Welcome - Professor Dominic Rathbone (Vice President, Roman Society)

Greek and Italic armour     

Chair and respondent - Professor Hans van Wees (University College London)

11.15   Professor Peter Krentz (Davidson College NC): Marathon to Chaironeia: changes in hoplite armour

12.00   Professor Gregory Aldrete (University of Wisconsin Green Bay): Linen body armour: reconstruction and tests

1.00     Lunch

2.00     Dr Mike Burns (Leeds): The South Italic cuirass from the 6th to 3rd centuries BC

 Roman armour

Chair and respondent - Dr Jonathan Coulston (University of St Andrews)

 3.00     Dr Mike Bishop (Journal of Roman Military Equipment): The impenetrable wall: Roman body armour assessed

 4.00     Tea

 4.30     Dr Guy Stiebel (Tel-Aviv University): ‘Also he armed him with a coat of mail’: the armour in Roman Judaea

 5.30     Dr Christian Miks (Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz): The rise and development of segmented helmets in the later Roman to early Byzantine army

 6.15     Closing words - Professor Robert Fowler (President, Hellenic Society)

The Societies thank the Institute of Classical Studies for its assistance in staging this conference, and Mr Christian Levett, owner of Minerva magazine for his generous support.