[Image: Roman Temple]
[Image: The Colosseum]

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies


London meetings & AGM

Tuesday 12 November, 2013 at 5.30pm

Senate Room, Senate House

Charlotte Higgins: Boudicea on the Caledonian Road



Antinous Bithynium © Classical Numismatic Group

Tuesday 14 January, 2014 at 5.30pm

Senate Room, Senate House

The M.V.Taylor Lecture

Dr Michel Amandry: Antinous: life and death of a god


Tuesday 11 March, 2014 at 5.30pm

Room 349, Senate House

Dr Philip Kay: Rome's economic Revolution. Economic Growth in the late Roman Republic

Annual General Meeting 2014

Saturday 7 June, 2014

Woburn Suite (G22/26)

2.00pm  AGM

The AGM will be followed by a colloquium

Tiberius the Successor

2.30pm  Barbara Levick: A Letter from Livia

3.00pm  Peter Wiseman: The man who chewed up the Roman People

3.45pm  Tea

4.15pm  Amanda Claridge: The Villas of Tiberius 

4.45pm  Eleanor Cowan: Writing the Roman Revolution - Velleius Paterculus

6.00pm  Reception

Institute of Classical Studies

All the above meetings are held with the support of the ICS. 

More information about the Institute and its activities is available here.