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The Language of Persuasion

Linguistic Approaches to Its Theory and Practice in the Classical World

10–12 September 2014, University College London


Persuasion is a psychological phenomenon which is deeply connected to language. The focus of the conference is to explore the nature and role of persuasion as linguistic exercise in classical literature and culture from a variety of different perspectives. These include modern linguistics, stylistics, ancient rhetoric and criticism, and comparative approaches taking into account modern and extra-European rhetorical practices and traditions. The convenors are Tzu-I Liao (UCL) and Alessandro Vatri (Oxford) and the event is under the auspices of Chris Carey and Stephen Colvin. Papers would be warmly received on the following themes:

Persuasion through language: insights into the linguistic strategies put into effect as means of persuasion in classical literature (fiction and non-fiction, including technical and didactic literature);

Language through rhetoric: rhetorical literature as a collection of mother-tongue metalinguistic material, which may help us reconstruct language use in precise and well-defined communicative tasks;

Rhetoric and practice: critical approaches to the ancient rhetorical theories and observations on the psychological effects of language, based on linguistic analysis of texts which aim to persuade;

Literary representations of persuasion: linguistic analysis of persuasion ‘in action’ as depicted in both classical literary prose and poetry (e.g. historiography, drama, etc.);

Persuasion across languages: insights on how rhetorical concepts involving linguistic features have been adapted across linguistic borders (from Greek into Latin down to the modern European languages)

Keynote speaker: Ineke Sluiter (Leiden)

Confirmed speakers include Anna Bonifazi (Heidelberg), Stephen Colvin (UCL), Casper de Jonge (Leiden), Caroline Kroon (UvA), Tobias Reinhardt (Oxford), Donna Shalev (HUJI).

We invite submissions of abstracts for papers suitable for a 20 minute presentation. Proposals should be approx. 300 words in length (excluding references) and must be submitted as a PDF attachment by 9 March 2014. Proposals and contributions are expected to be in English. Please send all abstracts and inquiries to languageofpersuasion14(at)gmail.com.



Imperialism and Identities at the Edges of the Roman World 2

18-22 September, 2014

Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Archaeology, University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History, University of Novi Sad
Petnica Science Center

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South Somerset Archaeological Research Group

Endings and New Beginnings

Cadbury Day 2014

Saturday 18 October 9.30 – 4.30pm

North Cadbury Village Hall, Yeovil, Somerset

A symposium on the Late Roman – Early Medieval Transition in and around the Southwest

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Early Glass Technology Network Conferences

Things That Travelled - Mediterranean Glass in the First Millennium AD

28-29 November, 2014


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The Imperial Crisis

14 December, 2014

University of Oxford

Тhе objective of this interdisciplinary conference on Classical Studies is to present new insights, and fresh perspectives, on the the crisis of the third century AD. Imperial Rome was in heavy turbulence between AD235 and AD284. Political unrest, illustrated by a lack of stability and continuity in the leadership, public health issues, monetary problems, military strife, and several other concerns almost brought the empire to its knees.

Presentations at the conference will focus either on one of these issues, or on a broader theme within the history and/or historiography of the crisis. Events and phenomena leading towards to crisis, as well measures taken by emperors after the crisis are equally welcome.

The conference is open to contributions from academics in fields as varied as classical studies, art history, architectural history, theology, religious studies, political history, philosophy, canon law, medical history, economic history, and linguistics. Approaches transcending disciplinary boundaries are particularly encouraged.

The final deadline for proposals is September 5th, 2014.

More information is available here: www.imperialcrisis.org

For all enquiries: Werner de Saeger werner.desaeger(at)kellogg.ox.ac.uk


2014 FIEC Congress

25-30 August, 2014


For all details, see: http://fiec2014.sciencesconf.org