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Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies


Hugh Last & Donald Atkinson Funds

Dura Eurpos 2010

The Funds were established out of legacies from Hugh Last and Donald Atkinson, and have an annual income of around £14,000 for disbursement by the Society’s Last and Atkinson Funds Committee. They offer financial assistance towards undertakings or activities which further the scholarly purposes of the Roman Society, that is to promote the study of the history, archaeology, literature and art of Italy and the Roman Empire from the earliest times down to about A.D. 700, subject to the following guidelines.


Applications are limited to a maximum of £2,000. Individuals may not make more than one application in any year.

The Funds Committee has decided to focus its support from 2014 as follows:

Roman Kouphovouno

Applications will not be considered for:

  • Research activities of PhD students which are integral to their thesis and should be covered by their Universities.
  • Conference attendance if the applicant is not giving a paper.
  • Organisational costs of conferences.
  • Publication costs or subsidies for commericial publishers.

Applications are particularly welcome for:

  • Contributions to small research costs (not over £500) by PhD and junior researchers (including to speak at conferences) where institutional funding is unavailable or insufficient.
  • Excavations involving local archaeological societies, or with engagement with the local community or schools.
  • Conservation work on small finds needed in urgent (non-routine) circumstances.

How to apply

Applications should be made using the application form. Applicants should give a concise and clear outline of the project, including publication plans if relevant, and itemise the costs requested. They must declare any other applications being made for the same project. 

Download an application form, or contact the Secretary.

Completed applications should be sent to the Secretary, Dr Fiona Haarer, Roman Society, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU, or by email: office(at)romansociety.org


Applications by individuals for over £500 require two references; all other applications (from institutions, or from individuals for up to £500) require one reference. Postgraduate students may use their supervisor; all other applicants must choose referees from outside their institution and who are not connected with the proposed project. References must be sent directly to the Society by the referee, preferably by email (office(at)romansociety.org)


The deadline for receipt by the Society of applications and references is 15 January in any year. Late applications, and applications lacking references, will not be considered. The outcomes will be notified to applicants by the end of February.


Successful applicants should submit a prompt and brief report (maximum 500 words) on their use of the grant, which much reach the Secretary by the next 15 January at the latest. If no report is received, no future application from that applicant will be considered.

2013 Project Reports

GPR survey data collection in Piazza Santa Maria, Segni

Sarah Brooks - Fondation Hardt report

Maureen Carroll - Investigating the Roman imperial estate at Vagnari (Puglia)

Stevie Spiegl - Fondation Hardt report

Steve Willis - Inscribed lead tablet from the Roman Roadside Settlement at Nettleton/Rothwell, near Caistor, Lincolnshire

2011 Project Reports

Forum Games Project 2011

British Epigraphy Society Practical Workshop

British Epigraphy Society Autumn Colloquium 

BSR City of Rome course report and programme

JACT Latin Summer School

London Summer School in Classics

KCL Summer School: Intensive Greek & Latin courses

Reading PG Latin Summer School

Louise Hodgson - Fondation Hardt Report

Shushma Malik - conference report

Frances McIntosh - conference report

Eóin O’Donoghue - Chiusine Bucchero Pesante from Poggio Civitate (Murlo)

Barney Taylor - Fondation Hardt Report

Francesco Trifilo - The Forum Romanum Games Project

Matthijs Wibier - conference report

2010 Project Reports

Sayadin Roman Farmhouse Team

British Epigraphy Society

BSR City of Rome course

Barry Cunliffe - Brading Roman Villa

Hannah Friedman - Sayadin Roman Farmhouse Project

Milena Melfi - Excavations at Hadrianopolis (Albania)

Rebecca Sweetman - Roman Kouphovouno