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Hugh Last & Donald Atkinson Funds

This page lists reports of projects funded by the Donald Atkinson and Hugh Last Funds from 2010 to 2014. The Donald Atkinson Funds are now disbursed with grants from the Audrey Barrie Brown Fund (Roman Research Trust): details are available here. The Hugh Last Funds are now disbursed with grants from the Society's General Fund: details are available here.

2014 Project Reports

North Building, Vagnari (M. Carroll)

British Epigraphy Society Practical Workshop

British Epigraphy Society Autumn Colloquium

JACT Classical Civilisation & Ancient History Summer School - report

Alissa Whitmore - finds report

Martin Millett - survey work report

Maureen Carroll - artefacts report

Penny Goodman - Augustus conference report

Matthew Hoskin - research trip report

AMPAL - conference report

Fasti Online - report

Hercules Conference - Katy Barrett

Katie Low - Fondation Hardt Report

Niccolò Mugnai - fieldwork report

Niccolò Mugnai & Julia Nikolaus - conference report

Erica Rowan - conference report

Cas Valachova - Fondation Hardt Report

Philippa Walton - fieldwork report

Hercules: a hero for all ages - conference report

Selhurst Park Project - excavation report

GPR survey data collection in Piazza Santa Maria, Segni

Sarah Brooks - Fondation Hardt report

Maureen Carroll - Investigating the Roman imperial estate at Vagnari (Puglia)

Stevie Spiegl - Fondation Hardt report

Steve Willis - Inscribed lead tablet from the Roman Roadside Settlement at Nettleton/Rothwell, near Caistor, Lincolnshire

2011 Project Reports

Forum Games Project 2011

British Epigraphy Society Practical Workshop

British Epigraphy Society Autumn Colloquium 

BSR City of Rome course report and programme

JACT Latin Summer School

London Summer School in Classics

KCL Summer School: Intensive Greek & Latin courses

Reading PG Latin Summer School

Louise Hodgson - Fondation Hardt Report

Shushma Malik - conference report

Frances McIntosh - conference report

Eóin O’Donoghue - Chiusine Bucchero Pesante from Poggio Civitate (Murlo)

Barney Taylor - Fondation Hardt Report

Francesco Trifilo - The Forum Romanum Games Project

Matthijs Wibier - conference report

2010 Project Reports

Sayadin Roman Farmhouse Team

British Epigraphy Society

BSR City of Rome course

Barry Cunliffe - Brading Roman Villa

Hannah Friedman - Sayadin Roman Farmhouse Project

Milena Melfi - Excavations at Hadrianopolis (Albania)

Joanne Rowland - Quesna Excavations (JEA) and Field School (EA)

Rebecca Sweetman - Roman Kouphovouno