[Image: Roman Temple]
[Image: The Colosseum]

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies



2018 Project reports

Sarah Sheard - conference report

2017 Project Reports

Marissa Ledger - conference report

David Walsh - grant report

Faith Pennick Morgan - grant report

Naoíse Mac Sweeney - Artefact to Art project report

Bart Danon - research trip

Marcelina Gilka - conference report

Robert Rohland - Fondation Hardt report

2016 Project Reports

Eris Williams Reed: Amman

Eris Williams Reed - conference report

Penny Coombe - research trip  

2015 Project Reports

Caesarea Coast: E Williams Reed 2015

Henry Clarke - research trip report

Eris Williams Reed - conference report

Hope Williard - conference report