[Image: Roman Temple]
[Image: The Colosseum]


The Roman Society Centenary Image Bank


Donate Images

Do you have photos of Roman monuments, sites, sculptures, mosaics or or other images that people would find useful? If they meet these important criteria, why not make them available on IMAGO?

  1. Subject suitable for teaching and learning
  2. Good quality, high resolution photos
  3. Personal photos and copyright waived


It's easy to donate some of your favourite photos - simply follow these instructions to share your images:

  1. Adjust image height to 5 cm (2 inches) if landscape, or 5 cm width if portrait
  2. Save images at a resolution of 200 dpi and as jpeg files
  3. Fill out a donation form - this information will be enable users to find your images so include all of the required data. Note that by submitting this form your photos are given freely into the public domain and can be claimed neither legally nor morally by any individual, entity or company. Download donation form here.
  4. Send the images and donation form to: office(at)romansociety.org, preferably in a compressed folder such as a ZIP file. Photos will be uploaded by the Roman Society at regular intervals.