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Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies


Schools & Resources

Welcome to the Roman Studies Committee's webpages

The Committee aims to promote knowledge of and interest in Roman studies among the general public, in particular focusing on promotion of Latin language and literature and Roman history, thought and art, and the support and development of Roman studies in schools.

Grants for Schools

The Committee takes over the functions of the Schools Committee and administers a number of grants, including grants to schools to promote the teaching of Latin and Roman studies. For details of how to apply, see Funding for Schools.

PGCE Prizes

The Committee also awards prizes for the best research paper submitted for the PGCE in Classics at King's College London, the University of Cambridge and the University of Sussex. Details of previous winners are found here.

Museum & Heritage Summer Placement

A bursary scheme to support BA and MA students undertake a summer placement  is also available. Details are available here.


The Committee is also interested in developing electronic resources for educational purposes and for all those with an interest in the Roman world. 

Journeys in the Roman Empire

This is a new electronic resource developed from funds raised by the Society's centenary appeal.

Click here to go straight to The Mystery of Regina's Tombstone.

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The Society's Archaeology Committee has recently overseen the digitisation of the Society's slide collection.  The images are available for download from IMAGO, and you may also donate your own images to help us grow the collection.

Hugh Last Fund & General Fund

In the spring, the Committee shall meet as the Hugh Last Fund Committee. See here for guidelines and application form.