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PGCE Research Paper Prizes

2017 Prizes

In 2017, prices were awarded as follows:

Jonathan Barnes (Cambridge): Teaching diversity through Classics

Jessica Platt (Sussex): How far does choice theory succeed, within Classics, as a form of differentiation within the classroom? 

Katharine Russell (KCL): Read like a Roman: teaching students to read in Latin word order

2016 Prizes

In 2016, prices were awarded as follows:

Rowan Newland (Cambridge), 'Closing the gap.' Understanding the difficulties two year 10 boys have with reading Latin stories. 

Lottie Mortimer (Sussex), portabam, portabas, portabat: Revolutionising rote-learning by utilising sound and movement to introduce the imperfect and perfect tenses

 Emily Evans (KCL), Gamification in a Year 10 Latin classroom: Ineffective “edutainment” or a valid pedagogical tool?

2015 Prizes

In 2015, prizes were awarded as follows:

Harriet Hoath (KCL): How do different types of gaols and feedback affect motivation? 

Read the abstract here.

Louise Walker (Cambridge): The impact of using Memrise for learning Latin vocabulary on a class of eight under-motivated year 11 students.

2013 Prizes

In 2013, prizes were awarded as follows:

Olivia Upchurch (Cambridge): An investigation into pupil perceptions of Roman women while learning Latin from the Cambridge Latin Course

Olivia Sanchez (KCL): Differentiation: Exploring ways of introducing sources to a mixed- attainment Ancient History GCSE class

2010 Prizes

In 2010, prizes were awarded as follows:

Jay Weeks (Cambridge): Primary School Latin: an evaluation of the methods and motivations for the teaching and learning of Minimus

Eleanor Nicholl (KCL): Differentiation strategies for teaching a new Latin grammar point to a mixed ability class