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16/10/201918:00 – 21:00

Senate House

Interested in hearing about all the latest developments in research and interpretations of the Iliad and Odyssey?


Martha Kearney will chair a panel of experts as they discuss their most recent findings and the current trends in reading Homer.  A reception in the Hellenic and Roman Library will follow.


· Nicoletta Momigliano (Bristol University) will explore the historical links to the Bronze Age and the excavations at Troy

· Edith Hall (King’s College London) will look at issues in Homeric interpretation and modern receptions

· A.E. Stallings (poet and translator) will consider these ancient epics from the perspective of a modern poet

· Martha Kearney will chair the panel. She read Classics at Oxford, before becoming a journalist and BBC broadcaster. She currently presents BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme.

 This event is held in aid of:

The Hellenic & Roman Library (HARL) ~ owned by the Hellenic and Roman Societies and Institute of Classical Studies, this is one of the world’s greatest Classics libraries. The Societies recently launched a fundraising campaign to meet rising costs and to maintain and enhance the Library as part of a world class research facility for future generations:

Classics for All (CfA) ~ is a national charity founded in 2010 to reverse the decline in classics teaching (Latin, Ancient Greek, ancient history, classical civilisation) in state schools and to raise the aspirations and attainment of young people. Since its launch, it has supported 850 primary and secondary schools, benefitting more than 60,000 pupils across the UK:

A door prize of £100 will be offered by Cambridge University Press, and we are grateful to Bloomsbury (Academic) for their sponsorship.

Please use the form below to book to book your places for Homer Today. If you would like to make an extra donation to HARL, please also visit: and if you would like to donate to Classics for All, please visit:


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