The Roman Society

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Hugh Last & General Funds Reports


Rhiannon Smith - Fondation Hardt

Jere Drpić - RAC conference report


Henry Clarke - Conference report

Zoe Harris-Wallis - Formas Mutatas


Paul Kitching - Conference report

Alice van den Bosch - Conference report

Grace Stafford - Image production rights for article in the JRA

Sanne van den Berg - Fondation Hardt


Giacomo Comiati - Conference attendance

Benjamin Pullan - Foundation Hardt


Peter Candy - Conference attendance

Laura Donati - Fondation Hardt

Thea Lawrence - Conference attendance

Marissa Ledger​ - Research trip

Dorothy A. Longley-Cook - Fondation Hardt

Janja Soldo - Conference attendance

Eris Williams Reed - Conference attendance


Marissa Ledger - Conference attendance

Mads Lindholmer - Conference attendance

Melissa Mallows - Stretch Didcot Festival

Martina Russo - Conference attendance

Sarah Sheard - Conference attendace

Jo Stoner - The Cultural Lives of Domestic Objects in Late Antiquity (monograph)

Aikaterini Velentza - Ayia Galini Research Visit


David Walsh - The Cult of Mithras in Antiquity

Faith Pennick Morgan - Dress and Personal Appearance in Late Antiquity

Naoíse Mac Sweeney - Artefact to Art project

Bart Danon - research trip

Marcelina Gilka - conference attendance

Robert Rohland - Fondation Hardt


Eris Williams Reed - conference attendance

Penny Coombe - research trip  


Henry Clarke - research trip

Eris Williams Reed - conference attendance

Hope Williard  - conference attendance