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Saturday 5 June, 2021

2.00 AGM
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New Discoveries Across the Empire
Saturday 19 June, 2021, 2.00-5.45pm

This year, the Archaeology Committee Biennial Conference highlights new discoveries throughout the Empire, while Professor John Wilkes will conclude with a lecture to help us look forward to RAC/TRAC Split which will now take place 6-8 April, 2022.

2.00     Introduction
2.05     Dr Philippa Walton (Cotswold Archaeology) and Professor Hella Eckardt (University of Reading): Bridge over troubled water: the Roman finds from the River Tees at Piercebridge
2.45     Dr Wouter Vos (Vos Archeo) and Dr Jasper de Bruin (National Museum of Antiquities): The new legionary fortress of Valkenburg in the Netherlands: a springboard for the conquest of Britannia AD 43?
3.25     Dr Luana Toniolo (Parco Archeologico di Pompei):  From the archaic settlement to the Roman colony: new discoveries in Pompeii and the suburbs
4.05     Break
4.20     Dr Orsolya Láng (Budapest History Museum): The Aquincum civil town in the light of new discoveries - the last 20 years of research
5.00     Professor John Wilkes (UCL): Salona (Split): Retirement Home for a Persecutor then a Christian Metropolis

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Wood and Ceramic: introducing digital methods with Classics Library special collections
Thursday 1 July, 2021, 5pm UK time

Booking required:

The Combined Classics Library holds over 150,000 volumes on Greco-Roman antiquity, including a number of special collections. One is the Wood Archive, a collection of diaries, notebooks, sketchbooks and published works relating to a tour of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant, made by between May 1750 and June 1751 by the classical scholar Robert Wood, the archaeologists John Bouverie (who died during the tour) and James Dawkins, and the draughtsman Giovanni Battista Borra. Another is the Ehrenberg Bequest, a collection of antiquities, mostly ceramics, bequeathed to the Institute of Classical Studies in 1976 by Victor Ehrenberg, on the understanding that the collection was to be used for teaching and handling.

As part of a digitisation programme by the library we are looking at ways to make these collections usable and accessible online as well as in person. Digital photographs of the Wood notebooks have been used in both research and engagement projects, involving the annotation of places and other named entitites in the texts using the Recogito platform, allowing researches and members of the public to identify references in the diaries for display and querying on a map or other semantic web interfaces. A programme of 3D scanning of the objects in the Ehrenberg collection, with a view to uploading them all to the Sketchfab 3D platform, is involving students and others who receive training in 3D methods, catalouing of object data, and includes links from the Classics Library catalogue to the only 3D models.

This event will involve short presentations on the history of the collections, their unique features, and some of the novel uses to which the digital models have been put, demonstrations of some of the platforms used, and questions and discussion with the participants.


City of Rome colloquium

2.30 Dr Claire Holleran, Working in Rome
3.00 Dr John Patterson, Organising the People of Imperial Rome
3.45 Tea
4.15 Professor Ian Haynes, Rome Transformed: Interdisciplinary analysis of the Eastern Caelian C1-C8 AD
4.45 Dr Janet DeLaine, Urban density: private dwellings and public spaces
5.00 Reception

The Roman Archaeology Conference 2020
Split, Croatia

**​Postponed until April 2022**
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