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Grants for Schools

The Society’s Roman Studies Committee makes grants to schools to help promote the teaching of Latin and Roman studies. Most of the grants are awarded for the purchase of textbooks and other books and resources for Roman studies, but the Committee also makes awards to schools and museums organising lectures or study days on Roman themes, especially if they benefit large numbers of children throughout the year, and may be repeated in sccessive years. The Committee does not offer grants to support one-off school trips or events.  Applications from schools planning to start courses in Latin are particularly welcome.  Grants usually range from £50 to £600.

The Society does not give grants for the Minimus books as schools may apply direct to the Minimus Project. See their grants page.

How to apply

Applications should be sent to the Secretary, Roman Society, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU to arrive by 1 February, 1 July or 1 November in any year. There is no special application form, but applicants should provide information about the level of their departmental budget, the type of courses taught, and in the case of applications for books, a list of the books wanted with their prices.

Grants awarded

Lists of schools awarded grants in previous years are available in alphabetical order and by region:

2019 alphabetical order by region
2018 alphabetical order by region
2017 alphabetical order by region
2016 alphabetical order by region
2015 alphabetical order by region
2014 alphabetical order by region
2013 alphabetical order by region
2012 alphabetical order by region
2011 alphabetical order by region
2010 alphabetical order by region


Reports from schools about activities supported by grants can be found here.

St Joseph's, Broadstairs


CICERO competition, George Heriot's School, Edinburgh

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