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Bewley Primary School
'The children at Bewley Primary School have benefited greatly by the funding of The Roman Society. We bought copies of the book to fit inline with our year 3 studies of Rome and the Romans. This enabled us to use our daily reading sessions to get even more of an insight into the lives of Romans and more specifically the people of Pompei.  It was fabulous to keep the momentum in the topic through such cross curricular links. This is a great resource that the children this year have enjoyed, but it will be used again for years to come as we tackle this topic with future generations of year 3 pupils here at Bewley'.

Priory School Lewes: Report

Parmiter's School: Report

St Albans Girls' School: Report

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Rufford Park Primary School: Report


Trinity School: Report

Duncton Primary School: The Roman Society funded resources for the Yr. 3 project about 'The Romans coming to West Sussex’

Church Hill Junior School: Report

Fairlight Nursery and Primary School: Report

King Edward VI School: Report

The Skinners' School: Report

Thingwall Primary School: Report

Reydon Primary School: Report

Durham Johnston Comprehensive School: Report

Owslebury Primary School: Report

Whitehall Primary School: Report


Monk Fryston Primary School: Learning about the Romans... 'The grant allowed us to purchase a box containing replica Roman artefacts, and a set of books that supported pupils in our Year 3 & 4 classes with their research'. Read the full report here.

Rosedale Primary School: 'We were very grateful to receive a grant of £300 to buy resources to enhance our history curriculum. Children learn about the Romans in Year 4 at Rosedale and we purchased a box of Roman artefacts as well as some books for our library about the Romans. The children enjoyed using the artefacts and they really brought the topic to life'. Read the full report here.

Bishop Luffa School: Report

All Saints Catholic School: Report

Chingford Foundation School: Report


Croft Academy: 'Thanks to your support, we purchased a selection of Roman artefacts including armour, shields and jewellery, to create our very own ‘Roman museum in a box’, to spark imagination and guide our children’s learning for years to come'. Read the full report here.

Hadleigh Community Primary School: Watch a video of the children enjoying the costumes provided by the Roman Society:

King's Rise Academy: 'With your funding, we purchased a range of Roman inspired educational resources... with which we created a 'Museum in a Box' for our Key Stage 2 pupils'. Read the full report here.

Stannington First School: 'The grant from the Roman Society has really enhanced our learning about the Romans in the UK and Northumberland, enabling staff to create ‘hands on’ experiences in the classroom and develop our pupils as archaeologists and historians. Without the grant, we would have been unable to provide these quality resources.' Read the full report here.

Values Academy: 'Feedback from learners suggests they enjoyed the activities and learned a great deal about Roman history, they were interested to learn about some of the inventions that have helped shape the modern world'. Read the full report here

Westwood Primary School: 'The Roman artefacts have been extremely useful for the children's learning. Having concrete resources brought their learning to life; as the pupils were not just looking at images they were more engaged in the learning process'. Read the full report here.


Bowling Park Primary School: 'The children loved the opportunity to immerse themselves in their Roman topic. The role play items and books allowed them to delve even further into this fascinating topic, which really sparked their imaginations. These items were even more important this year, as our usual trip to Murton Park will not go ahead due to Covid restrictions. A huge thank you to everyone at the SPRS, your support has been greatly appreciated. As we were able to buy three of each item, all three of our Year 4 classes could take part. This meant that around 90 children have been involved'. 

Fordingbridge Junior School: 'A very much appreciated delivery from history was received at Fordingbridge Junior School this term! Children in Year 3 were extremely excited to be the first to see the replica Roman artefacts and try on costumes, kindly funded by The Roman Society, which they will be exploring further in their Roman learning unit after Christmas.' Read their report here.


Hamstead Hall Academy: The pupils from Hamstead Hall Academy sent thank you cards from the Ashmolean for their new books funded by a grant from the Roman Society’s Schools Committee.


CICERO Competition: Emma Warinton from Bristol Grammar School won the Roman Society U6 Translation Prize in 2018. Read a report of the competition here.


CICERO Competition: Students from 18 schools in the UK participated at Wellington College, North London Collegiate School, Liverpool Blue Coat School, Bristol Grammar School, King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham and George Heriot's School, Edinburgh. CICERO was also hosted in Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, South Korea and the USA. Read a report of the 2014 Competition here.

Hereford Cathedral School - who organise a Latin Masterclass for a consortium of schools supported by the Roman Society - staged a production of the Labours of Hercules at the end of term.  Two YouTube videos (Hercules! Growing Up and Hercules: Trailer) are available to watch.

Hercules! Growing Up Hercules The Trailer


CICERO Competition: The 2013 competition was hosted by George Heriot's School, Edinburgh and King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham. Read a report of it here.


CICERO Competition: Read a report of the 2012 Competition here.

Kilmersdon Primary School: After learning about the Romans in the classroom from books funded by the Roman Society, the children re-enacted a marching Roman army on a day trip to Caerleon.


Feniton C of E Primary School: A grant from the Roman Society enabled Feniton C of E Primary School to buy books and extra resources to help their pupils have fun learning.

Sir Robert Hitcham CEVAP School, Debenham: A Roman Society grant helped Year 4 to study aspects of the Roman invasion and its impact.

Sir Robert Hitcham CEVAP School Sir Robert Hitcham CEVAP School Sir Robert Hitcham CEVAP School


The Cambridge Fools: A grant from the Roman Society enabled the Cambridge Fools to perform their musical When in Rome... at the Edinburgh Fringe.

CICERO Competition: Read reports from a teacher and pupil at the CICERO Competition 2010.

Hereford Cathedral School: The Society supported Hereford Cathedral School who ran a two year course (WJEC level two) for a consortium of schools.

Ysgol Brynhyfryd: A grant from the Roman Society enabled thirty pupils in Year 9 to study Classical Civilisation GCSE (short course).



Bewley Primary School


Duncton Primary School




Roman Studies at Bowling Park Primary School

Roman Studies at Bowling Park Primary School


CICERO 2014 participants at  George Heriot's School, Edinburgh


CICERO 2013 King Edward VI High School for Girls


Kilmersdon Primary School


Feniton C of E Primary School


The Cambridge Fools - When in Rome poster

Hereford Cathedral School Latin Masterclass

Ysgol Brynhyfryd

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