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A record including programmes, photos and videos of the Society's past events and conferences is available below. You can also see events listed by type: conferences, lectures & AGMs, and exhibition/site visits
For lectures hosted jointly with the Classical Association local branches around the UK, see Classical Association Joint Lectures.

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  • 10 November: Online lecture - Dr Guy Bradley: Rome and the sea: rethinking early Roman history from a Mediterranean perspective (video)
  • 10 March: Joint Event with the Hellenic Society - Animals in the Ancient World
  • 7 March: Lancaster University Regional Heritage Centre - 47th Annual Archaeology Forum
  • 28 January: M. V. Taylor Lecture - Professor Mireille Corbier: Fêter les anniversaires à Rome / Celebrating anniversaries in Rome (video)
  • 16 January: British Museum lecture & exhibition viewing, Troy – Myth and Reality



















  • 9 November: Professor Roland Mayer - Roman Ruinmindedness
  • 5 June: 2010 AGM
  • 16 March: Dr Josephone Quinn & Professor Andrew Wilson - Rome, Africa and Capitolia
  • 19 January: Professor Kathleen Coleman - A Year in the Roman Empire: The Problem of Hindsight

Special events celebrating the Society's Centenary:



  • 10 November: Professor Stephen Harrison - Some Problems in Ovid's Poetic Career


visit to Brading Roman Villa 2021

Bloomberg Tablets evening

Museum of London visit

Vindolanda site visit 2013

Beau Street Hoard Symposium - reception at the Roman Baths

Augustus, the First Emperor - 2014 conference

Cirencester Roman Wall (Bath & the Cotswolds trip 2012)

Fishbourne Roman Palace & Gardens 2014

RAC & TRAC 2014- Conference dinner at the Shehnai Ballrooms

Cotswold Archaeology Public Lecture 2013

Corinium Museum tour (Bath & Cotswolds trip 2012)

Silchester visit (RAC & TRAC 2014)

RAC & TRAC 2012 - Reception, Archaologisches Museum, Frankfurt


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