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2011 AGM & Frontier News

Saturday 4th June, 2011

2.00     AGM

Frontier News: old friends and new discoveries from Vindolanda

The programme for the AGM celebrates the achievements of Alan Bowman (so far!) on the occasion of his retirement from the Camden Professorship of Ancient History.

2.30     Dr Ralph Jackson: Actuality and aspiration: curating the Vindolanda Tablets

3.00     Dr Andrew Birley: The landscape and archaeology of the Vindolanda writing tablets

3.30  Tea

4.15     Professor Alan Bowman: The Vindolanda Tablets and the Military Community

4.45     Professor David Thomas: Some observations on the palaeography of the Vindolanda Wiritng-Tablets

5.15     Dr Roger Tomlin: Not to mention the Tablets: Vindolanda's other inscriptions

6.00  Reception

Vindolanda (Copyright CSAD)

Vindolanda Birthday invitation (Copyright CSAD)

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