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For information on submissions to the JRS, and for advice on submitting reviews, please see:

Notes for Contributors

Notes for Reviewers

JRS Policy Statement



For information on submissions to Britannia, please see:

Notes for Contributors

Watch a video on youtube of Publishing with the JHS, JRS and Britannia event which aims to explain the process of publishing with the journals, with the Editors, Lin Foxhall, Peter Thonemann and Will Bowden. The event was hosted by the ICS in collaboration with the Women's Classical Committee UK.


Grant of Licence Forms

Grant of Licence forms may be downloaded here:




Monograph Series

For information on how to submit a Britannia monograph, please click here: 

Britannia Monograph Notes for Contributors

A Grant of Licence form for collected / conference volumes may be downloaded here:

Licence to Publish - collected monographs

A Grant of Licence form for single-authored monographs may be downloaded here: 

Licence to Publish - single-authored monographs

The Editorial Committee is no longer accepting submissions for the JRS Monograph series.






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