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Hugh Last Fund & General Fund

The Hugh Last Fund was established out of a legacy from Dr Stefan Weinstock in memory of Hugh Last. Stefan Weinstock’s debt to Hugh Last was both personal and institutional, since Last played an important role in the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning, which in the 1930s provided financial and other support for Jewish scholars taking refuge in this country, Weinstock included.

The Fund has an annual income of around £5,000 and is disbursed by Council on the recommendation of the Hugh Last Fund Committee (part of the Roman Studies Committee). The Fund was established to assist the undertaking, completion or publication of work that relates to any of the general scholarly purposes of the Roman Society. Its terms exclude expenses in connection with archaeological or other excavations or surveys, research into or studies on the subjects of Roman Britain and the archaeology of the provinces in Western Europe, and, for all fields of study, the travel, hotel, conference and living expenses of scholars.

The Roman Studies Committee also makes awards from the Society’s own General Fund, which has a budget of £3,000. This Fund also excludes archaeological projects, which the Society supports through awards made by a joint Committee with the Roman Research Trust (the Audrey Barrie Brown and Donald Atkinson Funds Committee).

Applications are considered once a year in February; the deadline is 31 January in each year. It is not necessary to specify whether the application is to the Hugh Last Fund or the General Fund; the Committee will decide which fund is the more appropriate for successful applications.


Applications are limited to a maximum of £1,000, or £500 for small research costs. Individuals may not make more than one application in any one year.

Applications are particularly welcome for:

  • Events or schemes promoting public involvement in and awareness of Roman studies.
  • Small research costs (not over £500) of PhD and junior researchers where institutional funding is unavailable or insufficient. This includes speaking at conferences (from general funds only).
  • Authors’ costs in preparing research results for hard-copy or electronic publication (but not publishers’ costs - see below).

Applications will not be considered for:

  • Research activities or costs of PhD students which are integral to their thesis and should be covered by their University.
  • Conference attendance if the applicant is not giving a paper.
  • Organisational costs of conferences.
  • Costs of or bursaries for Summer Schools in Greek, Latin or Classical Studies.
  • Subsidies of any form to publishers.

How to apply

Applications should be made using the application form. Applicants should give a concise and clear outline of the project, including publication plans if relevant, and itemise the costs requested. They must declare any other applications being made for the same project.

Download an application form here.

Completed applications should be sent to the Secretary by email:


Applications by individuals for over £500 require two references; all other applications (from institutions, or from individuals for up to £500) require one reference. Postgraduate students may use their supervisor; all other applicants must choose referees from outside their institution and who are not connected with the proposed project. References must be sent directly to the Society by the referee by email:


The deadline for receipt by the Society of applications and references is 31 January. Late applications, and applications lacking references, will not be considered.


Successful applicants should submit a prompt and brief report (maximum 500 words) on their use of the grant, which must reach the Secretary by the next 31 January at the latest. If no report is received, no future application from that applicant will be considered.

Projects Funded by the Hugh Last and General Fund

P. Coombe: Three Rivers Cycle trip


E. Williams Reed: Risk and seafaring: an ecological approach to religious life in Caesarea Maritima

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