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Centenary Museum Visits

Private Tours

In conjunction with the Hellenic Society

  • Dr Lucilla Burn – private tour of the Antiquities at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

  • Dr Lesley Fitton - private tour of the collection of Greece & Rome at the British Museum. 

  • Dr Susan Walker – private tour of the new Antiquities galleries of the Ashmolean, Oxford.

British Museum Gallery Tours

10 June
Thorsten Opper: Portrait and Society in the Roman World

17 June
Richard Hobbs: The End of Roman Britain at the British Museum

1 July
Sam Moorhead: Hundreds of Thousands: a century of coin finds in Roman Britain

8 July
Paul Roberts: "Rome in a Room": The Wolfson Gallery of the Roman Empire

15 July
Ralph Jackson: Roman Britain at the British Museum - a century of sensations

National Museum of Scotland

Romans go home?’ A series of gallery expert-led talks at the National Museum of Scotland, providing an insight into key object from Roman Scotland, in association with the Roman Society and the University of Edinburgh:

Friday 10th September, 3pm

Spotlight On: Brigantia

Learn about Celtic goddess Brigantia with Dr Martin Goldberg, Curator of Early Historic and Viking Collections.

Saturday 25th September, 3pm

Spotlight On: Traprain Treasure

The great hill-fort of Traprain Law, near Haddington, has provided a wealth of archaeological surprises. Explore one of the most famous finds, the Traprain Law Treasure, with Dr Lucy Grig of the University of Edinburgh.

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

British Museum

National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland

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