The Roman Society

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies

2012 AGM & Olympics lectures

Saturday 16th June

BP Lecture Theatre, British Museum

2.00  AGM

The Roman Society with the British Museum celebreated the London Olympics with a series of lectures

2.30  Tony Wilmott: Different people, different games? Amphitheatre and community in Roman Britain

3.00 Professor Charlotte Roueché: A globalised sporting culture: Roman contests in the Greek east

4.30  Professor Mary Beard: The Roman Olympic Games


Ancient Sports Family Day

The Roman Society was also pleased to sponsor a Family Day on the theme of Ancient Sports at the British Museum.

Gladiator exhibition fights by members of the re-enactment group Legio II Augusta took place on the Museum's forecourt.

One of these was filmed by Samuel Cockings who managed to shoot and put together the film as a bystander. The film is available on youtube here.

The President, Andrew Burnett, gives the introduction

Tony Wilmott

The audience in the BP lecture theatre

Charlotte Roueché

Mary Beard

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