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Vagnari Roman Imperial Estate

Vagnari Roman Imperial Estate: The Settlement and its Material Culture



Friday 1 June 2018, 14.00-18.00

University of Sheffield, Jessop West G03


Since 2012, excavations by the University of Sheffield have been conducted at Vagnari, the site of a Roman village (vicus) in south-east Italy that was the core administrative and distributive centre of a rural estate acquired in the early first century A.D. by the emperor. The workshop aims to present the archaeological research at Vagnari in its wider context and to discuss the impact of Roman expansion in south-east Italy on the culture and economy of the region.

Speakers include Alastair Small who, together with Carola Small, discovered the site of Vagnari and conducted the first phase of fieldwork at the site from 2000, and Maureen Carroll, the director of excavations at Vagnari since 2012. A key and important part of the workshop is the presentation by the relevant project specialists of the artefacts and assemblages recovered in the Sheffield excavations (pottery, window glass, animal bone, metal). The workshop brings together these specialists to foster discussion of the artefacts themselves and their significance, and to engage participants at the event in this discussion.

There will be coffee/tea in the afternoon break and light refreshments at the end of the workshop. 

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The workshop is sponsored by the Roman Society and the University of Sheffield.

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