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Romans and Natives in Central Britain

Saturday 29th October 2016

Grassington Town Hall, North Yorkshire

A day conference jointly organised by the Yorkshire Dales Landscape Research Trust, the Roman Antiquities Section, YAS and the Roman Society.


Recent large projects, many funded by developers, have highlighted a growing interest in the frontier lands on either side of Hadrian’s Wall, an area that can loosely be called Central Britain. The focus of this geographical region is arguably centred on territory that came to be associated with the Brigantes, but a gulf still exists between the historical and archaeological evidence. From landscape studies and excavation to scientific artefact analysis, a range of papers at this conference considered the evidence for interaction between native groups and Roman conquerors in and around this central zone.


John Cruse, YAHS Yorkshire Quern Survey: Regionality in the querns of Central Britain

Mike Haken, Roman Roads Research Group: The northern road network

Fraser Hunter, National Museum of Scotland: Roman – Native interactions

Sonia O’Connor, Bradford University: Artefact analysis: bone spoons

Sue Stallibrass, Liverpool University: Animal products: supply and demand

Richard Tipping, Stirling University: Environmental impact in Central Britain

Dave Went, Historic England: Investigating a Roman period landscape

Tony Wilmott, Historic England: Roman impact around Hadrian’s Wall

Pete Wilson, Rarey Archaeology: Roman impact behind the Wall


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