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New Discoveries Across the Empire

New Discoveries Across the Empire

Archaeology Committee Biennial Conference

Saturday 19 June, 2021, 2.00-5.45pm

Held online. Available to watch on YouTube:

This year, the Archaeology Committee Biennial Conference highlights new discoveries throughout the Empire, while Professor John Wilkes concludes with a lecture to help us look forward to RAC/TRAC Split which will now take place 6-8 April, 2022.

Click on the timestamps to jump to the relevant paper on YouTube:

0:00 Introduction - Dr Ursula Rothe, Chair of the Roman Society Archaeology Committee

3:34 Dr Luana Toniolo (Parco Archeologico di Pompei): From the archaic settlement to the Roman colony: new discoveries in Pompeii and the suburbs

44:27 Dr Wouter Vos (Vos Archeo) and Dr Jasper de Bruin (National Museum of Antiquities): The new legionary fortress of Valkenburg in the Netherlands: a springboard for the conquest of Britannia AD 43?

1:28:47 Dr Philippa Walton (Cotswold Archaeology) and Professor Hella Eckardt (University of Reading): Bridge over troubled water: the Roman finds from the River Tees at Piercebridge

2:04:38 Dr Orsolya Láng (Budapest History Museum): The Aquincum civil town in the light of new discoveries - the last 20 years of research

2:49:05 Professor John Wilkes (UCL): Salona (Split): Retirement Home for a Persecutor then a Christian Metropolis

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