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Commercial Archaeology and Romano-British Towns

Assessing the contribution of commercial archaeology to the study of Romano-British towns

Cotswold Archaeology, the University of Reading, English Heritage and the Roman Society

30 November, 2013, University of Reading


Dominic Perring, UCL: London

Michael Fulford, University of Reading: Towns of the South East

Neil Holbrook, Cotswold Archaeology: Towns of the South West

Paul Bidwell, North Shields: Towns of the Midlands and North

John Pearce, King's College London: Burial Practice

Mark Maltby, Bournemouth University: Food Supply 1: Zooarchaeology

Mark Robinson, University of Oxford: Food Supply 2: Archaeobotany

Roger Thomas, English Heritage: The English Heritage Perspective

Martin Millett, University of Cambridge: Discussant

Mike Fulford introduces John Pearce Mark Robinson

Martin Millett over 130 delegates attended


Dominic Perring - Roman London

Paul Bidwell

Mark Maltby

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