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Roman Empire: Power & People - a British Museum Tour

Roman Empire: Power & People brings together over 160 stunning pieces from the British Museum to explore the story of one of the most powerful empires the world has ever seen.

Highlights include sculpture from the villas of the Emperors Tiberius and Hadrian, coins from the famous Hoxne treasure, beautiful jewellery and even near-perfectly preserved children’s clothing from Roman Egypt.

The exhibition explores the wealth, power and organisation of the Empire, but also how the Romans viewed their provinces and other peoples. Religious, military and personal objects give an insight into the lives of people across the Empire, from northern Britain to Egypt and the Middle East. These fascinating objects show how the influences of the many people and places that the Romans came into contact with were absorbed and adapted into the Empire.

The exhibition is travelling to the following museums:

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery (21 September 2013 - 12 January 2014)
Norwich Castle Museum (1 February - 27 April 2014)
The Herbert Museum & Art Gallery, Coventry (17 May - 31 August 2014)
Leeds City Museum (20 September 2014 - 4 January 2015)
The McManus, Dundee (24 January - 10 May, 2015)
Segedunum Roman Fort & Baths (30 May - 31 September 2015)

The Roman Society is pleased to sponsor the following talks:

  • Coventry - 22 May 2014

Dominic Rathbone, King's College London
Emperors, gods, soldiers, mummies: making Egypt more Roman

  • Leeds - 16 October 2014

Dr Adrian Chadwick, University of Leicester
Fields and farms, lucre and lightning seeds – people, coins and the rural landscape in Roman Yorkshire

  • Dundee -25 February 2015

Dr Fraser Hunter, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
Life on the Edge of the Roman Empire

  • Newcastle - 24 June 2015

Dr Rebecca Jones, Historic Scotland
On the march: Roman campaigns in Scotland

Gilded copper alloy figure of Hercules from Birdoswald, Cumbria, Romano-British, late AD 100s

Adrian Chadwick: Radiate Hoard, found near York

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