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Roman Society One-Year Postdoctoral Scholarship 2022-2023

Applications are invited from students who are nearing the end of their doctoral research or have submitted their doctoral thesis since 1 October 2021, to work on any aspect of Ancient Roman Studies (some preference may be given to students working on an aspect of the ancient city of Rome). The Scholarship will begin on 1 October 2022 and it is expected that candidates will have received their PhD (or DPhil) by then. It is expected that the successful candidate will use the one-year Scholarship to work on publishing his/her thesis, and/or articles, and/or preparing and delivering conference and seminar papers. We expect the Scholar to keep the mentor informed of his/her progress every quarter, and to submit a written progress report at the end of Scholarship.

The Roman Society will provide a mentor who has some expertise in the research interests of the successful candidate to provide some general guidance and support.

Students must be a member of the Roman Society at the time of application and be studying (or have studied for their doctorate) at a UK University.

A basic stipend of £10,000 p/a will be provided. £800 will be available to cover additional research expenses, such as travel to conferences or libraries. The Scholar may not hold a full-time post or research grant from any other institution, but it is expected that (s)he will apply for and hold other individual grants and/or carry out teaching. This Scholarship is designed to provide extra resources to allow the Scholar to carry out research and it is in no way expected that the Scholarship will be the only means of income for the year.

Students should apply with a covering letter, a c.v. including the names of two referees, and a document of no more than 1000 words outlining their current research and an account of their proposed research plans for the next year. Applications should be sent by email to Dr Fiona Haarer: to whom any queries should also be sent.  The deadline for applications is Wednesday 31 August, 2022.

The Roman Society is grateful to a long-standing member for supporting this Scholarship.

2019 marked two thousand years since the death of the ancient Roman soldier and statesman, Germanicus Julius Caesar. The Roman Society is pleased to offer this one-year Postdoctoral Scholarship, the beneficiary being known, for the duration, as the Roman Society Germanicus Scholar.

Roman Society Postgraduate Scholarship 2020-2022

We are delighted that the holder of the first Roman Society Postgraduate Scholarship, Emilio Zucchetti (Newcastle University), is now taking up a Lectureship at Royal Holloway. Emilio worked on the publication of his thesis (Discordia, Hegemony, and Popular Subjectivities: towards a Model for the Analysis of Social Conflict in Ancient Rome), planned for 2024. The monograph will explore the formation of individual and collective subjects, trying to recover non-elite agency in the complex process of transition between Republic and Principate. The work takes an etic perspective, drawing from Marxist, Post-Marxist, Post-structuralist, and Intersectional Feminist theory. He also began a new project on the life and scholarship of Frank William Walbank, Rathbone Professor of Ancient History at the University of Liverpool from 1951 to 1977 and longstanding member of the Roman Society. The research was prompted by the cataloguing of the papers bequeathed by Walbank to the University of Liverpool. An article by Walbank titled “Is our Roman History Teaching Reactionary?’ (Greece&Rome, 12, 1943, under the pen name “The Examiner”) brought Emilio to study the teaching of Ancient History in Britain in the Interwar period: the focus so far has been on how textbooks of the time framed the narrative of Roman history. During this period, Emilio has also been teaching Roman history and Classics as Associate Lecturer at Newcastle University and as Tutor for the University of Leeds.




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