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Summer Placement with the BSR

The Roman Society is offering students an opportunity to participate in the British School at Rome excavations at Falerii Novi.

The Project: The British School at Rome, with the universities of Harvard and Toronto, began in 2021 excavations inside the city walls of Falerii Novi following authorisation by the Italian Ministero della Cultura, under the supervision of the Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paessaggio per la provincia di Viterbo e per l’Etruria meridionale. The site sits just 50km north of Rome, along the ancient Via Amerina. The project aims to analyse the diachronic urban, economic and socio-historical development of the city from mid-Republican foundation to a suspected abandonment in the early Middle Ages.

In 2022, the project commenced large-scale excavation focussed on three key areas: the macellum, a domus south of the forum, and an insula and intersection along the Via Amerina near the south gate. In summer 2023, the project will continue exploring these and other new areas through open area excavation with a team of ca. 35 people from a range of nationalities and universities, including students from the University of Florence, along with visiting specialists. This work will be complemented by continued augering within the walls, led by the University of Ghent, and extended geophysical survey of extramural areas around the city, complementing previous work outside the north wall. Participants will gain supervised experience in scientific stratigraphic excavation and recording as well as the opportunity to learn specialist skills (e.g., object analysis, digital recording, environmental sampling and flotation).

Season dates: The successful applicant will be able to join the project for two weeks, either from 29 May–9 June or 12 June–23 June.

Bursary: The Roman Society is offering one bursary of £1000. This will cover the costs of participation in the excavation (accommodation, meals and local travel) for two weeks and return flights to Rome & the train journey from Rome Fiumicino airport to Civita Castellana station. The successful candidate may liaise with the BSR as to the exact timing of the two-week placement within the season.

Eligibility: All students registered at a UK university are eligible to apply (including Undergraduate, Masters and PhD/DPhil).

How to Apply: Candidates should apply by letter setting out their reasons for wishing to undertake this placement and outlining any previous experience.  You should also provide the name and email address of a referee.  Letters of application should be addressed to the Secretary, Dr Fiona Haarer, and sent by email by 15 February, 2023 to:



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